Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Be on the Alert!

Been reading through Mark off and on and today as last part of chapter 13. Talking about the return of Christ. When He sat with his disciples and said i will return to bring you home after a lot of difficult things happen. He ends it with mystery and intrigue by saying "be on alert!" Right before he says no one knows the time He will return not even himself...just the father.

Be on alert...what does that look like for me today. Be on alert in my pursuit of Him. Be on alert of unbiblical teaching. Be on a alert to see where He is leading me daily. Be on alert to exhibit the fruit of the spirit, love joy peace patience kindness gentleness and self-control. Be on alert to submit to my husband and be his helpmeet. Be on alert to love others. Be on alert to conversations and make them pure. Be on alert to share the gospel with EVERYONE. Be on alert...

To be on alert means He is always with me, always guiding and always loving. Never worrying cause God knows!

What does be on alert mean to you?
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