Thursday, January 07, 2010


I love Mariah Carey!!! From her first albulm in 1990 thru her breakdown to Emancipation of Mimi i have been a fan!! I have not heard her latest albulm, 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' but soon will. She is a little proud and happy of her body, and likes to flaunt it. That aside i like her. On a trip to Vietnam about 5 years ago, in the Tokyo airport, Mariah walks by us. Her designer bags carried by someone else, and boarding the plan before anyone else. She is a huge sensation and we got to be close to her in a normal situation. Well if having an entourage with you who carries everything for you and makes you happy no matter what and being filthy rich is normal. haha
I share all this cause she is coming to Dallas next month, and i secretly (well openly now) want to see her! I just don't know who would go with, i can't take andrew! hahah and not really anyone else would pay to see her...oh if Monica lived here i believe she would go with me!! Some of her friends and her in high school videoed themselves doing the dance from the "Heartbreaker" video!!!
Oh Nick be good to Mariah!!! No CHEATTING!!!

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