Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The past couple days i have really been mulling this word over in my head. I work with people who are 'driven' people, big visionaries, never stop working, always looking for the next best thing to "FIX" ( i put in quotes cause sometimes i think they get caught up in the high of doing something new) constantly saying what are we doing wrong, how do we get to greatness...and i began to ask myself what greatness are you trying to get Man's or God's or what you think God wants...idk i don't have an answer and i don't think people are being disobedient i just feel like God is teaching me thru this environment, cause i am not a driven person or demanding person so i often see things as just fine and i can't fix them cause its a God thing so i am ok to not try. hahah
I remind myself that greatness isn't always the way man sees it, and that is just fine with me. I have always since i was a young girl only wanted to be a wife and mother. Some may not think that is so great, but to be held responsible for the hearts of little people that you were given is huge. and to be a good steward of your husband that god gave you is huge! He has given them to you and we are responsible for it.
My mother in law told me the other day that when her and her husband were just married she said he told her one time 'When i stand before God he is going to ask me what did you do with the wife i gave you? Did you help her grow and see me more?' Not about how great he was on earth, or the accolades he got here....God puts us in situations, place and relationships. we will be held responsible for what we did with them and that is that. Some place things and people will be 'greater' in man's eyes but not His!
I pray that as he leads me to serve others, that i will be patient with others who are driven people and let them run where god is guiding them and that i won't feel like i am supposed to be doing the same thing, cause we forget sometimes, that the 'body of christ' as all differnet parts. I just pray that those people can still see me as important and not lazy or close minded, but really why do i care what they think! hahahah
Jesus said 'when you do to the least of these you have done for me'. Booth good and bad. So the small things and people do matter!!!
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