Saturday, January 30, 2010

Her Treasure

Just started reading thru Luke, not really sure why but that is where i am now. :) If you have grown up in church you know the second chapter my heart. You know all the players and their lines. It seems like God's word does a dance with you when you read it. Each time you are not sure which dance it is but different spins and steps lead you to see different people, events or words stick out no matter how many times you have read it.

This time verse 19 and 51 stood out in our dance. 'But mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart." -after the birth of jesus. 'His mother treasured all these things in her heart'- after she lost jesus and found him in the temple. Not sure if there are any other times written in scripture of her treasuring things...i will find out....but i bet her treasure box was huge as the mother of jesus...with sad and happy things.

Then i thought about my life and all the things i have treasured thru out my 'short' life. Whether it is great friend, moments of travel beauty, learning something new, seeing something beautiful in others, or a new revelation of God. Our treasure boxes are big too! God is so faithful and true we don't always treasure them. What treasuring means to me, is you take a moment and 'mental picture' what is happening and write a caption. Good or bad. Its something you never will forget. God never forgets us!

I am challenging myself to treasure more, to look for God more. So my box can be big too!
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