Friday, January 08, 2010


Yesterday Andrew's school closed due to some ice on the roads, one could debate about whether or not the weather warranted the closure or not but the fact still remains KISD closed its doors. My office observed the ice by opening at 10am. Which is great, we found all this out at 6am, so we turned the tv off set my alarm for 9 and proceed to sleep :)

It was normal day so to speak, everything went about as if the ice had never been there. So i headed home. Thankful that the roads were cleared and my husband was home waiting! When i got home he said, "i could tell you were about to come home the house got warmer". At first i was like aw my house missed me, but i quickly remember that friend of our blessed us with this awesome digital AC/Heater thermostat for CHEAP. It has great programable settings for every day of the week and weekends. I had programmed it to stay off all day and then start warming up at about the time Kimmel or i get home.

Its a nice thought for a brief moment to think that an inanimate object is doing something for you. To make you feel at home. I am so thankful for the heater this year. We are having a crazy cold winter this year, i think US wide, so i am very thankful for the luxury!

Now i am thinking how can i 'warm' the house for Kimmel when he comes home everyday. Something subtle and nice that he may or may not notice. That maybe a new goal of mine! haha

Stay warm readers stay warm!!
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