Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Neighborhood Outreach

Its been on Andrew's and my hearts to reach out to our neighbors, but finding time is like finding a needle in hay stack and its beginning to get to me. I saw that our neighbors across the street had a baby so at my weekly walmart time 3 fridays ago i purchased a bag of diapers. Finally monday night i saw them coming in their drive way, andrew was in the house, so i jetted up stairs and said 'honey they are home lets go!' So we talked with them in the driveway! We know their names and she liked the diapers, it was the kind he was using :)

I am tired of 'not having time' to do things. I am praying for a change somewhere and hoping i can be obedient in this. We have talked about doing a block party, maybe that will happen for realz! :)
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