Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sbux in my vein

If you read my tweets it seems i may live IN a starbucks! I am not really sure where this obsession started but it was sometime during college. I remember the first time i had a latte and i didn't like it, it wasn't starbucks though :) There is something about coffee shops that are just so relaxing. Which is kind of ironic when coffee is caffeine and yet they create such a calm environment to sell the caffeine. It was cool to play in coffee shops and sometimes i wish i lived near a city where you can hear someone playing at all the coffee shops. Its a cool jazzy vibe :) haha

I have two or three drinks that i choose from, Vanilla Latte, Carmel Machiatto, Carmel Frappacino, and Passion Tea Lemonade. I go in spurts with which one i purchase. There is nothing worse than when they don't make it quite just is a sad day. :(

Just curious if you too like Starbucks or Coffee in general. If so what do you get?? :)
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