Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coach Kimmel- Liverpool

Andrew has received a fun opportunity to coach lil boys age 5 and 6 in a 'academy' soccer club. It is run by an old Liverpool player from the UK. It takes quite a lot of his time and energy so some days he isn't sure he will continue after this season, but he is sticking it thru this season!

This picture was taken at practice...with my iphone so its bad..but you can kind of see the lil peeps and andrew :) Maybe one day we will have a nice camera :o but until then...
This next picture was after the game on sunday....their lil team worked really hard to play against a team that was actually a year older than them...its amazing how much more advantage just one lil year has on them! They played really well and no angry parents this time so that was really nice! Andrew almost lost his voice cause he was yelling so hard :) Mom and i made it and enjoyed the day, game and watching him work :)

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