Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disciple Now

So its late thursday night...or at least it feels it, 10pm and its been a long full day of preparation for DNOW. We had our concert night tonight with Pocket Full of Rocks. That is the kick off night. We are super excited they are here...we had them 3 years ago and they just usher you into the presence of God and set you down, or raise your hands to worship HIM. It was great night. I got do do the ProPresenter (fancy powerpoint) back stage, in our huge sanctuary, where all the computers for cameras, lights and ProPresenter are stashed. It was fun and a tiny bit stressful cause i was helping in BIG CHURCH. Haha but it was fun and a new adventure!

This will be my 6 or 7 dnow with NorthWood and i worked at like 3 others outside our church. It is an amazing high energy weekend that our students look forward too. Almost like the 'fix' until camp. Each year gets a bit easier cause it is a well oiled machine that runs itself once it gets going! Pray for our students, speaker -Ryan Dalgliesh and worship leaders. God is always working and we want to give our students a great place and time to receive him.
Check out Pocket full of rocks they are incredible! His words are annoited and his leading is too. Sometimes things are different on cd's so if you aren't impressed trust me in person its a lil piece of heaven!

They are on myspace.

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