Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kimmel's Surprise

So today is valentines day and i sit at my computer so thankful for the man in my life. He is out playing with his boys right now....just getting that good guy time. Yesterday i didn't think i would be so happy about it. It has been a emotional couple days and when he mentioned that they had planned this i was kind of like 'on valentine's day?...Ok??' We already celebrated last night with dinner out Texas Roadhouse (his fave) and playing sequence (my fave) to just enjoying being with each other relaxing night. We didn't get gifts or cards...and by the end of the night i was kind of sad about it...So sunday routine, church at 8 (ish) am, set up for stuff, do things, go to service at 11am head to his mom's for family lunch. This morning was the same, the only difference was Andrew had run a couple of errands when he said 'I am going to get the spare tire back from Jake i will be back in time for MORE.' Unsuspecting me was like ok see ya.
Until we got to lunch did i realize he was busy this morning :)
I was greeted with flowers, card and weights. I was spoiled. Due to the weather his gift still has not come in. But he will open it and like it! hahha (its a desk calendar with pictures for his desk at work! Suggested by a friend and on sale for $6) It was sweet and sneaky! I like Kimmel when he surprises keeps me on my toes and keeps me feeling special! Thanks honey!
You guys do that for you girls too!! :)

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