Saturday, February 06, 2010

Marital Bliss...

Its been 9.5 months since andrew and i said i do. Its been really great and challenging and i want more! haha Its funny cause as you know if you are married, marriage is a bit different then what you picture or think in your mind. Having watched my friends while i was single, and their honesty with me about marriage helped, but still you have a rose colored view of it and when you get into it its better and different the you imagined.

We have a couple friend who have been married for 15 years and had a desire to start a 'small group' of just married couples. They asked us and 3 other couples to come once a month so they could discuss and help us in our first years so that when we get to year 15 we won't be like 'wish i had known that earlier'.

Each week we 'test' ourselves on something and then we have homework from that. The couples are all early 20's and longest married is year in a half, and shortest is 6 months. We all come from different walks in life, and enjoy our time together. The group is open and honest and we all desire to WORK at our marriages.

I am very thankful for this group!
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