Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stolen blog...

My friend did a blog yesterday on the ABC's of me (well the writer) and i thought i would steal the idea :)
A-is for Andrew my love and favorite person to be with, loves a good tickle and keeps me safe.
B-is for Beckham my cat....we love her, she is PSYCO haha
C- Cooking my new favorite passion and experiement...thankfully Andrew is honest and true about my attempts :)
D-Discipline is something i like and am choosy about what i am disciplined drinking water all day, or getting my quiet times accomplished....that takes discipline, and children need it too :)
E- Effort is what i need to get work done
F- Friends, i have been blessed thru my life with quality friends that stick with me thru tough stuff and even being miles away...deep friendship that time or space knows no bounds :)
G- Go go what i do and ready for that to slow slow slow :)
H- I am hungry right now...
I- Igloo is a house i would not want to live in more that a week
J- Jill is my friend that always makes me smile and feel better cause she took time to be with me
K- Keener is my family name and what my dad left with me...i like it!
L- Love God is love
M- Music is a love of mine....recently i am just enamored with R&B...would somebody get me a ticket to Alicia...its only $98 :)
N- Nieces and Nephews....i have 4 of the greatest in the world Maria, Noah, Sarah and Max... miss and love them greatly!
O-October is the month my Sister got married in and this year my friend Amber is getting married in...kind of cool :)
P- Pizza is my husbands food of choice, even though he worked at a Pizza place for like all of his high school and college career. He loved the owner so much!
Q- Quilted Northern....soft
R- Run is what i need to do...get that exercising back in the swing of my routine
S- Soccer is a love of the Kimmel's and currently my husband coaches it!
T- Television is not important in our family...we use rabbit ears to gather our channels...they sometimes work and sometimes give us fits... We are not home too much so don't want to pay $100 plus for something we don't use... if we need to watch anything special that we 'missed' Hulu is our friend!
U- University is good for you! and most of my best friends came from those four years of my life!
V- Valentines Day should be something we do everyday! Thanks Austin Lee for the reminder.
X- Xerox is what i am about to do for our Disciple Now weekend next weekend...the booklets for all 200+ students, to have notes and doodle pages :)
Y- Y'all is fun to write and say! can't go wrong with that no matter north or south, its 'cute' up north and 'normal' down south
Z- Zebra is a wonderful animal that would be cool to see up close and personal :)

That was fun and hope it is for you to read :)
Have a wonderful Thursday!! its almost the weekend!!!
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