Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Veggie and Fruit Co-OP

So my new adventure in cooking is joining a veggie and fruit co-op! We got our first package yesterday and it was like christmas time for me all over!! I am splitting it with my friend in the neighborhood and this is what we EACH got...2 fresh tomatoes, head of lettuce, leek, spaghetti squash, kiwi, bag of oranges, bag of potatoes, 4 apples each, broccoli we split, 12 bananas we split, something i don't know what it is...and i think thats it :)

I ate a FRESH salad last night, made one for today, looked up recipes on the spaghetti squash and leeks. The freshness of them is amazing! The kiwi is, as andrew said, PERFECT! I am excited to cook and develop my cooking skills :) It is so nice knowing that you are paying $25 for fresh straight from the farm veggies and fruits! Its almost as exciting as if i grew them! haha

If you have any great recipes for the things mentioned please share :)
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