Saturday, March 06, 2010

Boyz II Men now

How many of you know Boyz II Men? They were the love songsters of my time. The cd that you bought and listened too at the beach, pool, in the car, it always but you in a great mood. I remember in college a friend of mine did Karoake at a 'Cafe' Night', with some of his friends, they sang their song "I'll Make Love to You" and he added 'once we are married', or 'after we say i do' after every time they sang that was so funny.
Well i just found a cd of theirs that they released back in November 2009, of covers. Songs like "i can't make you love me' by Bonnie Rait, 'Amazed' Tim McGraw, 'Iris' by the googoo dolls etc. It is sooo good! Their harmony and voices are just so smooth and soothing. If you ever liked any of their stuff at least take a look at it on iTunes. Its pretty great! :)

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