Monday, March 29, 2010


The other day i was bouncing around all my blogs i check up and stopped at the Surf Rider Foundation that talked about our water cycle, what it was and now is. Got me concerned and wanting to take some action. So step one i am sharing this with you. click on the link below if you have a few min to check it out.

Surfrider Water Process Video

Step two, i really want to get a rain bucket. To capture the rain and use that water to water the grass and flowers instead of the water from the house.
Step three, make a composte pile. Not sure if its legal in my neighborhood, but i want to do research on this and find out what i could do to make it better.

I am not a hippy or trying to be all trendy....i have always been a huge recyler, but this kind of hit me as i need to be a bit more responsible with the land and water God has given me. Maybe it will cause you to think to and then you share it and in turn that causes more people to become aware and we make change happen!
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