Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My hero!

Sandra Bullock!
She won an OSCAR!! Her humble attitude makes it all the more exciting! Her hard work for many years, and her love for her job has led her here! Its fun to see her so excited and thankful! I thought it was funny to watch her husband Jessie in the back ground as she got interviewed...he just seemed like he was a bit out of place...but not at all upset he was there. You know when you do something for some one out of your comfort zone...it was sweet to see. I am putting some clips of her...if you want watch them they aren't long.

Last night andrew and i were watching all the entertainment shows (flipping between ET, access hollywood and Extra) watching as they ask her so many silly questions...one time something was asked and her response made andrew and i laugh out loud! I am drawing a blank at this moment..but she is so down to earth! Love it!

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