Thursday, March 04, 2010

Prayer Coach

Our adult team has been reading thru the book of Job and now the book Pray Coach. Its a nice practical little read that helps you take the next step to deepening your prayer time with Jesus. One of my favorite parts is the author said that when his boys were in middle and high school, they prayed thru the armor of God for each other in the car on the way to school. Another thing he said that they would pray thru was the fruit of the spirit for each other, each morning.
It was a nice visual and plan for me, and when i ride with andrew to work we do that sometimes. Sometimes we are so tired we just are in awe of the sunrise and quietly ride. I liked the pattern and purpose. It was tangible and equips you to be more christlike.

That is just one of the many practical discussion and advice given in this book, Check it out!
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