Thursday, March 11, 2010

Simply Fine Chirp

Andrew and i have been married for 11 months this month. One of the fun and frustrating things for us last year was registering for gifts. Target was a cinch go in the store they give you a gun and you scan what you see. Crate and Barrel was super easy on line. I picked anything i liked, and they led me down the rabbit hole to things i never knew i wanted and now that i have them LOVE THEM! There was one crazy one, bed bath and beyond. Its a great store, but the registry person is like a woman on crack. Andrew put it, 'she really likes her job'. He was not at shaken by her exuberance and shovyness, but it annoyed me.
We had not really planned on registering for Fine China. That is something we felt was unimportant and didn't want people to pay for it. But as she pushed us thru the catalogue i saw something that caught my eye. I got excited cause i was like maybe this will shut her up! We had already fought the fight to not get crystal, i mean i am a klutz and i really don't want expensive crystal to clean up. So i said THIS ONE. We want this one. She the proceeded to pick out serving pieces and stuff, but i think she saw my annoyance so she said i will pick these out for you here is the gun go get stuff you want. So an hour after being in the store, we got a scan gun. When we finished we had a good list and she showed us what she added, said i could change anything i wanted.

Problem was now she had me hooked. I liked it all! I loved the serving pieces and started planning events where my family would be here and all the pieces would be used. She swindled me in which in turn got my mom. She loves fine things, like china, silver, crystal, porcelain dolls. She loves for my sister and i to have the fine things. When my sister got married she purchased her china for her, all 12 sets. And just the other day my 8 sets arrived at the house. She had called and told me she bought me and andrew an anniversary gift but it would take 4 weeks. it only took two. They had a deal that you got $50 for each $200 you spent or something so i am not sure how much she actually got us free! So that is fun.
Anyway all that to say, i have my china cabinet full of beautiful birds! Thanks to my mom who always gives me and my sister the BEST! Reminds me of the verse, where God says if man who is evil can give you good gifts, what does that say about God who is PERFECT! Thank you Jesus for family that loves and gives, thank you for running water and house over my head, thank you for constantly drawing me closer to your heart!
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