Monday, March 01, 2010

sore ears...

Our DNow weekend was simply amazing! We had three great nights of worship, on fun filled saturday and loads of teaching that just sits in your heart and you wonder what God will do with it in you!

The speaker was a man who KNEW the word, like he was cross referencing, referring too and quoting all sorts of passages. We got a chance to sit with him and he shared his 'reading strategy'. He started with the thought of tithing his time and 10% of 24 hours is 2.4 so her rounds up to 2.5 hours a day spent reading. He shared how he reads thru the bible in a year 6 times. He reads one translation thru 3 times, gets another translation and reads thru it 3 times...etc. He uses scrap-booking pens cause they don't bleed thru, and uses a different one for each time thru. He uses a fourth color for any word study he is doing thru the whole bible. Its just incredible how after 13 years of doing this HE KNOWS THE WORD. He was sharing stories and connections made thru out the bible the were very interesting. He challenged us leaders, that if we read 3.5 pages a day we would finish in a year. He said some other great stuff i can't remember now...but he emailed andrew a guideline.

My ears are sore, sore because i had double ear infection all weekend. I went to the dr. on friday morning at 730 to see if they could fix it...and fast...but the nurse didn't...she gave me amoxacillan, which is great but my body needs something strong! So anyway the weekend was heard thru my muffled ears, and even as i type now my left ear is humming and throbbing. But amid the soreness i was able to hear incredible worship, by music and by word. So glad we had a great weekend with only a few hicups. will be glad when my ears are back to normal.

Thanks for all the prayers and well was a glorifying weekend! :)
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