Sunday, March 21, 2010

We are Home!!

So glad to say we are home! Had a BLAST!! So many things to share...don't know where to begin...the sign above is at the entrance of our cabin, it was so far into the mountain, we had two cattle gates to open every time we came or left. It was a quaint little house that held 6 people us 4 really had fun. We had our friends with their little girl stay one night, they live in colorado.
Andrew and i got to go skiing two days in a row. My muscles hurt so bad...i did was a fun time! Andrew loved it, on the second day we went with Dustin and Ben, they are crazy i did 3 lifts and thats it.
On the way home the storm was horrible, so we got stuck in New Mexico. We were rerouted there. We got a hotel, took a tram up to the top of the mountain and enjoyed being stuck.
It was a great week with our great friends. We are so thankful for all that was planned and all that wasn't planned...God provided!

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