Monday, April 05, 2010


The past couple weeks i feel like i am trying to Focus in on what is really important, what i need to put energy and time to. Asking Dad to help me see what is important in his eyes, and his plan for my life. Its real easy to get stuck in ruts of doing things, or feeling like you have to do something cause its expected of you for whatever reason...and we all know we can meet everyones expectations nor should we try.

The one thing i have been saving for is a really nice camera. I love pictures, always have snapped them during high school with friends, college was capture every moment of ASA and friends. They hold a moment of life suspended forever. I think i have a decent eye for pictures. Sometimes i see something that if i had the right camera lens i think i would capture a beautiful picture.

A long time ago God gave me this memory thing to help keep focused...i shared it with the youth at the church i was at...austin lee you might remember...if you do i will be VERY impressed hahaha ;) and i am not sure if each one is exactly the same haha

F- finding God in everything
O- occupy your thoughts, and time with Godly things
C- Cast your cares on him
U- utilize your friends and family to encourage you and strenghten
S- share love with everyone (actions and jesus)

We need things to help keep us focused cause we have lots of stuff screaming for our attention! What are somethings you do to keep your focus??

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