Monday, April 12, 2010


So thankful for our friends. The friends that were apart of the wedding and those that weren't. Thankful for those that played with us when we were young and today.
We both have been very blessed with our friends. Sweet people who genuinely love us and are always there for us. Hope that they too feel the same way.
We had 9 people for our wedding party. It was either 1 or 9. It was easy for me to pick the ladies cause they are girls that have been in my life long before there was no andrew. Each one holds a special place in my heart. They have been there for me when i have cried cause i am single or cause of a silly boy. Seen me fall on my face literally and helped me spiritually to not fall on my face, holding me accountable and praying for me. I have been in each one of their weddings (paige this may and amber this october) and they mean the world to me. They made the trip for me and i am very grateful for that!
We are thankful for them and what they mean to us. We hope and pray that we are great friends to all of those who know us!
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