Thursday, April 08, 2010

From the mouth of babes

So the other day at work a co-worker shared a story of him and is lil 7 year old talking about the bible and a passage that talks about God coming back and making a new earth and what that means. The lil boy asks his dad what does that mean, why would God need to make a new one. Dad proceeds to explain a little bit of how after God made us we disobeyed and sin separates us from God and since he died on the cross we are saved but we will one day be with God and he will make us a new heaven and earth. So the lil boy looks at his dad and says, 'so its like baking a cake with poop in it and you can't have so he's gotta get the poop out and make a new one'.

So simple and true...our creator wants to make a new earth for HIS time. One day he will come back and give us the gift of being with him. For now we are preparing for his return. Like sweet smelling perfume that we put on before a date. What can i do to smell good for HIS return?
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