Friday, April 23, 2010

Gettin my hair did

So today my friend that lives in Austin but used to live here came in town for a week to do hair. She is a stylist and has been cutting/dying my hair for the past like 4 years i guess. She is funky cool and always does a great job with whatever we decide. Due to her living place now she only comes in like every 6 or so months to do hair. I had been growing my hair out so i have not touched it for like since december and it was in dire need of thinning and making it pretty. So i wasn't sure if she was going to make it in before Paige's wedding next month so i asked another friend to cut my hair last friday! It looks great...really thankful she did that, then my usual stylist was like i am coming next week! so i got to get it colored today! Its so relaxing to get your hair did! It is starting to feel really long as is this blog so i shall end here and leave you with a picture of the beautiful two stylist do. I could get used to getting my hair done each week....and thank you Dad for providing me friends who cut hair for a nice price! :)
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