Sunday, April 04, 2010


There have been few days in the past 6 years where i have truly relaxed...i try to remember to do that every week but doesn't always work. This weekend andrew nor i had any work thing to do this saturday....friday was good friday service at church which was a great night of remembering what the weekend's true meaning is. It was a lovely way to start the weekend. We went over to the Duke's house to play none other than settler's, our fave game ever! Saturday was a lazy late starting day lunch at chickfila at like 2pm some shopping then a national league soccer game of girls u17. It was fun. We went with a childhood friend of Kimmel's and we taught them our fave game after that! haha they were great was a nice relaxing weekend.

Service on sunday was good. Had a full house and the gospel was preached and remembered. He is risen! We are thankful for with out that there is no 'good news'!
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