Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yesterday was our Year Anniversary! Can't believe its been a year already! It was such fun planning and actually having the ceremony it seems like last month. We have had a full year of great times and sad times. We are growing together and as individuals its fun! We were unable to do anything really big this year just cause, and i was disappointed at first but then after Jesus spoke to me he said to make it memorable in simple ways :)Its funny cause the weekend was full of american bridal traditions. Andrew's sister is getting married in May and her friends threw her bachorlette party friday night and a couples shower saturday afternoon.

It is tradition to have on last night of just the girls, or just the boys, before you strap down to just ONE person for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! :) it was fun and i think they got some good things.

So Saturday morning i put my wedding dress on and woke Andrew up! I love the dress and he thinks i look pretty in it! After our afternoon festivities we went to dinner at Shady Oak, on of the two restaurants that Andrew loves for dinner, and saw the movie Date Night! not too bad :) After we came home to eat our top layer of our wedding cake. This tradition is really kind of cool, it made last night really fun and special. Andrew had the kitchen all set up and ready for us (by his parents) when we got home. He put milk in our wine glasses :) and we cut the cake again.
It was a casual, normal evening that we celebrated God working in and thru us for a whole year! Praying that he continues to do so!
Thank you to all of you who sent cards, text and facebook congrats and remembrances :) We love them all!
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