Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week count down!

So we got married a year ago next week. Its hard to believe its been a year. It seems silly to say that it went by so fast. It was so fun! I think i laughed more this year than i did during college..and there were lots of things to laugh at there! We had a couple of our friends say that the first 3 years of their marriage was the hardest, some said they don't say they are married for 14 years cause the first 7 were so hard, and others say that it wasn't difficult to they had kids. I think i anticipated more difficulty and very thankful we haven't.

This might be annoying to people but i thought i would take this week and say what i am thankful for about Kimmel and this marriage. Today its just Kimmel: his sweet disposition, is so fun to be around, if i try to pick a fight we end up laughing, very patient with me, listens to me when i ramble on, whistles all the time, he thinks i am perfect and most importantly he loves Jesus with his whole self. Its fun and a blessing being married to him! (let the sappy music begin)

He Rocks and i am thankful God picked him out for me!!! :)

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