Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zoo Fun

A friend called me this morning to ask me to go to the Zoo with her and her family! I was super excited! :) I really like the zoo and it had been awhile since we went last. The weather was perfect for it...cloudy and cool. We saw some incredible animals like the lions in the first picture, did you know their roar can be heard from up to 2-5 miles away! The flamingos in the bottom picture and we went to the bird exhibit. We sat in the lunch area and ate our lunch with the black birds and flies :)
It was a nice morning. Then i decided to lock my scooter key in the seat, so i had to go to Andrew's school to get his key :) it was nice to see him! No i wait for my piano students to get here.Hope you too got to enjoy the pretty day!
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