Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy Bees

I always feel like i am saying 'We are busy this weekend!' BUT we are....we have now hit the wedding and baby shower season of life...we have like 3 of Andrew's friends getting married and then like 4 former students getting married and i can't go to all of them!On thursday Kimmel and i helped his best friend (and one of mine too if we are honest here!) propose to a WONDERFUl girl...we are so excited for them both. I had to drive the lovely maddie 40 mins to a special spot and i must say myself we got her there without knowing ANYTHING! she was totally surprised and the Engagement went of without a hitch. After kimmel and i set them up we finally saw each other and i was shaking and he was so relieved.

Last night i had some girls from the youth group stay over...15 to be exact. so i kicked Kimmel out to go play with his boys. We had a great night of worship, sharing and just being silly! It was fun!!
Today i have a wedding at 3 and then a Couples Shower at 6:30! I told you we were busy!! God has blessed us with great friends and we want to share life with them! :)
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