Wednesday, October 03, 2012

8 months

Eight things you should know about Shepherd

1. His smile lights up the room and mom and dad's heart. We can't not smile when he is smiling! 
2. He cruises around all the tables and chairs to just get into all sorts of things. 

3. Now the tummy is off the floor for crawling and he maneuver around quite nice. 
4. When i say 'no touch' his head slowly turns around with a grin like 'oh mom you know i can'
5. Bath time is fun! Splashing in the water and sucking on the toys drinking the water, now even lays on his belly too...feeling the water all around! 

6. His squeals of delight are fun to hear and make us laugh. 
7. Schedule change is what its all about...not sure when he will wake in the morning :) 
8. He is a people person, has to take in everything where ever we go...smiling and laughing at people who say hello... also loves watching and laughing at cousin eleanor. 

Its been 8 months and so much fun! A friend of ours just had a baby girl and she ask baby questions that i truly can't remember. I have to really process and think back to what he did as a baby. :) Oh how in the moment it was huge, and now i can't remember at all! 
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