Thursday, May 06, 2010


Through out my life and yours i am sure, you have been asked "what super hero trait would you have if you could have any?" Some may think, oh definitely fly, or walk thru walls or maybe be invisible. But over the year for me as i live thru life and experience more things and cultures, my super hero talent would be to speak and understand any language in existence and if a new one is created i figure it out!
The first time i did mission over seas was to Japan. One morning at 4am i woke up (we were staying in the church in the city) to use the toilet and there were like 8-10 people in the sanctuary praying in their own dialect. African, Vietnamese, Japanese and English. That trip to the toilet was a life changing one for me...cause at that moment i realized GOD understood each person! He knew their heart, thoughts AND words!
Now when i go to Mexico i know a little Spanish, but not enough to really talk to anyone and it frustrates me...not enough to do anything about it apparently cause i am about to go again this July and i haven't study any!
But i digress....our church loves and celebrates the nations and God's work in them. This past Sunday our worship leader Brent put together some of our members who are not native Americans to sing The Revelation is easily one of my favorite praise songs...written by a stay at home mom from Texas. The first to sing is Romanian, Vietnamese, Farsi, then Jmoung. Enjoy!

Revelation Song Multiple Languages
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