Friday, May 14, 2010

Midnight Movies

How much do you love your husband? So much that you would give up something to be with him and do something he loves? Oh yeah! Hopefully we ALL do that at some time or another. For me it has been Midnight Movies! Sounds like don't throw me in the briar patch but really i hate seeing any movie starting after 9!! it just gets me too tired! Andrew on the other hand is a more free spirit when it comes to time and movies....he loves movies more than i do. He would rent a movie every night if i 'let' him. I get annoyed with that much time being sucked up from my life! hahaha so i know seeing a movie or renting one is speaking his love language...i would rather play a game or talk of course! :)
We saw Ironman 2 last thursday night and last night we saw Robin Hood. Both were excellent movies and i will be purchasing them for him. Although i get burned out from movies every night i do like to watch the same ones over and over :)
You need to go see them...i give them 2 thumbs up!
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