Monday, May 17, 2010

pullin weeds

So today after my 3 hrs in the office (part time hrs :))i went to target to get some groceries, ate lunch, and realized i was feeling a bit icky. Like something was wrong...a coworker had asked me earlier 'what was wrong with me cause your being weird susan'.... not sure what that is.... so i laid down a bit to relax, we had a fun big event last night for our students so i was was our annual Lip Sync that raises money for missions, either across the sea or in our backyard. Each 'team' or small group performs to a 3.5 min song or montage of songs for 1st place. It was an idea spun from a desire one of our girls three years ago. Do something fun and raise money!

So after laying down for a bit, i went to check the mail...and i saw that our yard had some i stopped to pull them. As i was the breeze was blowing on me...cooling me off...and i realized there were birds chirping around 4 or 5 of em. :) It was a nice moment with the creation of our GOD.

*hear comes my spiritual tie in...cause i am a student pastor.... :)

That is how today life is having some weeds that are making me feel icky....whether its feeling tired for all the work i put in last night in preparation....whether its not feeling acknowledged for all the work i did and others taking the recognition... whether its worried about the changes that God has led me to and thru.... or whether its the adjustment to being married and doing ministry...(that is VERY different!) My reaction and my thought processes can become weeds if i don't stop to pull the root out quick! it will make my 'YARD' look poorly taken care of...and ugly...that is what sin does.

I am praying that God will show me the weeds and the roots that are there for me to grab hold of and YANK OUT!!! I am his daughter and i am pursuing HIM and HIS plan....He is thankful for me and proud of me and that is all that matters!


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