Sunday, May 09, 2010

Wedding Weekend

As i type this my husband sleeps his sunday afternoon nap. He is soooo good at not so much...i tried! cause i am tired due to the busy weekend, but to no avail. So i write this post instead.

Andrew's sister got married yesterday. It was a beautiful May evening wedding in the front yard of their Aunt's house. Her father spent all day wednesday, thursday and friday working on the house and the special details his daughter desired. I got to help on friday, and i found something i may try to do for our house...curtain making! haha They purchased drop cloths from home depot that were pretty! (crazy i know! but trust me!) One of my tasks was to make curtains to hide the garage....i simply cut fabric to the size of the window and hot clued it shut for a curtain rod. Easy as pie....thus my creative juices begun and i am thinking i should have done this or what if i did that..:) sadly no mind was else where. We are excited to see all the pictures that were taken, capturing every moment. Dad blessed us with a lovely day!
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