Wednesday, June 02, 2010

closing a chapter

So yesterday morning i went to the empty town home to give it a good clean and double check to make sure we got everything out of it. We had turned the a/c off so i kept the doors open to try and circulate a breeze...but a wasp blew in and i had to change my plan! It stayed a lovely 85 degrees in side...with the ceiling fans trying to cool me down a bit :)

After dumping our vaccum like 10 times for the upstairs, and washing all the windows it hit me..the sadness. This was the place i picked out 5 years ago. My mom and i were talking and realized that it was memorial day weekend exactly that i had moved in...kinda cool :)
As i looked around and saw it empty and bare i began to tear up and remembered alot of great things that happened here. It is the closing of my single life completely...which is a GREAT thing but i was sadder than i thought!

I had picked out the floor plan, the tile, crapy carpet, and watched it be 'born' for me to live in. There was one thing i remembered saying when i was little and that was 'when i get older i want a house with a intercom system through out it' AND IT HAS IT !!!

It hosted dnow groups, sleep overs and crazy nights. I started a singles girls group that lasted for about 2 years, met some really great girls who all were in the same spot, single and not wanting to be...haha We laughed and cried and thanked God that we had what we had...and one by one we dropped like flies to the marriage bug. Things changed. Change is good...sometimes sad.
We spent a wonderful first year of marriage in this quaint lil house and we are very thankful for that! We are renting it out and excited to say that our friends Kyle and Maddie will be renting it from us for their first year of marriage!!!

new house post next :) have to say goodbye first...*sniff sniff*

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Rob said...

So you didn't sell it? That's cool. I liked your place. It will be weird to not see Susan there. I'm not sure when we will be getting back to TX but we'd love to see your new place.