Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my hurting hubby

Sunday evening we had a church picnic. Tons of people out at the park, a bunch of our youth playing ultimate frisbee and soccer both of which andrew played and i chatted with friends. After a while i was walking away from the soccer field and i hear my whistle and my name...to see my husband waving at me while walking towards me. I noticed something was wrong with his neck...he had tweaked it. So we go home, we sit around with our friends across the street until he can bear it no more...we go home and try to sleep...he tosses and turns, i ask if he wants to go to the ER but he didn't.

When i woke up at like 6am he said can we call the dr. So i did and got an afternoon aptmt. Doc said his muscles were spasming. That he could have done nothing and this might of happened. Our theory is that he hasn't had a chance to just rest once school let out. Camp last week he was playing all the games and then some so his body is like LET ME REST DUDE!!! :)
He now has muscle relaxers and pain killers. I thought i might have captured something funny but he just sleeps. Beckham comforts him with her snuggles!

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