Saturday, June 19, 2010

One room down...

So its been almost a month now in the new house and i have finally finished repainting and decorating the kitchen! It was so worth it. The previous owner had a very yellow almost mustard on the walls and lighter yellow on ceiling that i wanted to cover for sure! I primed the whole thing while we moved in over memorial day weekend. The task was just way to huge for me to finish off the color i wanted. I had to find the correct curtains and make everything tie in together! So glad it all worked out and now i have one room down!

Have to have the beach flair! So excited we are going to Gulf Shores alabama for the next week! Just not sure how close the oil is...but i can report back to ya so you know how close it truly is! :)
I have three other rooms that i will eventually change around but the next thing on my list is the master is too white!

Funny story...went to walmart and purchased paint....picked out two really great colors...the person mixed it wrong and it was like 4 shades darker than sis-in-law and her husband did a fabulous job of painting it i just have to grasp how will i complete this room that is 4 shades deeper than i started with the mirror ...

I love painting and decorating! Fun stuff...if i were rich i would purchase houses and flip them to all the work myself!
Anyone with me??
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