Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Survey Says

Growing up i enjoyed watching Family Feud. It was fun trying to guess what they were and the hosts were funny! Surveys are kind of interesting to me. We do 'surveys' at work to see how an event went or what the students want to learn about to help give us guidance in our planning.
but aren't surveys dependent on emotion.
We used to do a food 'survey' here as a fund raiser. Kraft or some company brought stuff in and we held a taste test that the participants tasted all sorts of cookies, chips or granola. They had all sorts of questions about how it looks, feels, taste. Sometimes if you aren't in the mood you won't answer fully you just quickly to get thru it.
I have currently some how stumbled up an email survey thing that gives you 'credit' to purchase things from their stores if you answer their surveys. Its about all sorts of stuff from paper products at work to grocery shopping. I just click answers and get $ for it. I was just wondering how much of a risk are surveys. Depending on humans whose emotions fluctuate and our wondering eye keeps us moving from one thing to the next for the next great thing.

So i wanted to conduct a survey. Please comment your answers. It is a survey of my readers.
What did you eat for lunch today?
How many blogs do you read in a day?
Do you have a blog?
Would you rather hang out with Adolf Hitler for 42 hours or be stuck in a box listening to the barney theme for 42 hours?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these...

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