Saturday, July 03, 2010


There is a place in Texas that everyone talks about. A place where women and men can walk around all day long and shop outdoors at booths of hand made decor, furniture, paintings etc. It is Canton! My good friend Christin's mom has a booth out there of amazing crosses...she gave me some to give to each of my bride's maids and they are beautiful. I can't ever decide which one i want! In all the 9 years of my living out here i have never been. Christin keeps telling my have to go i would love it. I just had no clue.

Friday i became a new lady. I have been to canton. I have seen and i have loved and i am willing to go back! My friend Sherry and Meg took me. There were some things that i saw that i am actually going to make! I was like i am not spending $30 for that but i can do it for $10!

I found a booth that i fell in love with. This family has beautiful pictures and original art work with scripture on it. I found a piece that has inspired a nursery for me to decorate. I always wanted whiney the pooh and he will be inthis but i saw this and fell in love! The artist has several other original pieces that i will be saving to purchase in the future!
Pictures below are some things i liked and thought about getting..will save up money and see if they are still there the next was fun! I am glad we went and i am excited to see what they have in the future.

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