Monday, July 26, 2010

Date Night

Last weekend Andrew took me out on an official date! It had been a while since we had done the 'traditional' dinner and a movie date...but he planned it and surprised me! We were both excited! I didn't know where we were going to eat...and in girl fashion i asked what should i wear? To which he replied, what you have on is fine, i am going to wear jeans and a button down. Which i had shorts and a casual top. I changed and complained and ho hummed about how i don't have good 'going out' clothes any more. Sad pitiful me! We went downtown fort worth (my fave) for dinner to a gourmet mexican restaurant! YUM!! After a nice meal with dessert, we asked our friends who live IN down town to join us for the movie.
We loved the good if you haven't see it YOU MUST!!! :) Great visually, story line and ending! So excited that Leo has a great movie back out...he is good!
Great food, great friends, great movie...GREAT HUBBY!!! i love him! :)

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