Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nasty Feet

This past week has been our community service week. I am tired! Haven't really rested at all after Mexico...there is alot of planning and shuffle that goes on this week....its draining even when i had a lazy week the week before.
This year we worked with a local orphanage and tried to do a 'camp'...i say try cause we ended up only having 11 of them and 25 of us. It turned out to be a great week of playtime for them. They were sweet and all in all the week was good. I pray that God is honored by what we did!

We had a couple other odd jobs to do so some students handed out info about a kids event, others tutored, others planted tow flowerbeds at the orphanage, and another group sorted through a resale shop's stuff. It was a good week.

Brock and Chloe came and played with us today! Isn't she sweet!! :)

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