Friday, August 13, 2010

didn't pick them

I been thinking a lot lately about friends and family. Just how we all communicate, think and treat each other. How they say you can pick your friends but not your family. Sometimes i am not sure how i picked 'that' friend or if they picked me. Then i over analyze relationships to think how have i made this a good friendship? Do i put in what they want or not enough?

I really don't remember having much drama with friends growing up. Unless i was just so blind to notice. I wonder what people really think about me. Sometimes i catch a glimpse of a facial expression or a comment that causes me to think, Oh no they think i am an idiot, or Oh no i am annoying them. To which i quickly shut down and decide not to annoy.

I like my friends. I have lots of different friends and each is at a different stage of friendship. Some i wish were deeper than others, some are growing easily and i don't have to work at it. Many are spread out in Va, GA, and now CO. A couple of my friends feel like family. I never feel stupid or annoying around them (or they are good at just loving me the way i am ) and i hope they feel the same.

Maybe its just a level of friendship called family, where both of you are so comfortable with each other that honesty is easy, constructive criticism is a little easier, and helping each other is natural. Just like families each friendship has its own way of working.

So whether you picked your family or friends or not. They are in our lives and it is our duty to love and honor them. I need help letting my friends know they matter. How do you show your friends that they matter to you? I need some ideas! :) First thought for me is a card, or facebook comment depending on your friendship level or your personality.
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