Monday, August 16, 2010

Dr. Kevin Leman

This weekend our church has had a guest speaker, Kevin Leman. He is a well known author and shrink (he said it!) who deal with marriage and raising kids. Last night he spoke about marriage and sex. Just stating some facts about men and women and then about the affect the sexual temperature in a marriage affects all in the family! its some great stuff.

My favorite thing he talks about is the 'birth order' of your family. How everyone will follow similar patterns according to their birth order. Its incredible. Personality stuff intrigues me cause i see the creativity of God in that, and then add on the fact that the order in which you entered your family has a shaping hand in it shows God's order of things. Amazing!

We purchased two of his books 'birth order' and the 'sheet music'. (I have several friends that received this book as a wedding gift, or purchased it shortly after the honeymoon- they say its wonderful!) I have some reading to do!!

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