Monday, August 02, 2010

Ikea shopping

Sunday after church Kimmel and I went to IKEA with his family. We have had some ideas in our minds of what we need for the house and what we like. It was SOOO busy. I got really overwhelmed it was kind of like when i went shopping one christmas day with my mom years ago...NEVER again did i or will i!! I am not sure if my brain couldn't process what i was doing, all the people and to process each display room to see if we liked it or not. shewy :)

This picture is from a design website....we have a small cubbie in our front room/office that i thought would fit.

So we bought these parts...soon we will have a table top and our cubbie will look similar to this! Kimmel found this chair while we were there and he loved it so we got it haha Its fun and fits in our living room.
It was a crazy trip, that went really well. His parents got some finger puppets to play with their future grand baby -Paige and Jeremy are prego. Paige and Jeremy got some really cute boxes to help with storage and decor.

I put together the chair yesterday and i hope it doesn't take a long time to do the shelf and desk. Its hard living between the dream of something and the steps it takes to get to it sometimes. :)
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