Friday, August 27, 2010

Mimi Ray's Cafe

In my quest to be a wonderful chef and house wife to Kimmel. I am trying all sorts of recipes and love finding out how things are made. I have now accumulated about 5 cookbooks that i go to for dinner, one of which is the Slower Cooker Book Kimmel's great grandma gave me at my family shower! So many great recipes i have shared many on here with the blog world :) A few months back Andrews' parents and sister went to visit Mimi, we were unable to join them, she so sweetly gave them a recipe for me to have.
With all my grandparents gone i LOVE all the little thoughtful things she does! I told Kimmel we HAVE TO VISIT HER SOON!! She is a lovely lady and we are thankful for her. But i digress. The recipe is easy. Simply 5 ingredients you blend together and let it set and get cold. It was REALLY sweet, and i might play around with it by adding either carmel, nutella or hazelnut. My sis recommended i get like 4 smaller containers/crust and play around with it. When i have loads of time i think i might! But for now it is a yummy summer pie!!
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