Tuesday, August 24, 2010

small things

This morning i asked God to allow me to see his glory all day long and be in awe of it. For starters His glory is all around me but i am to busy or blind to see it that is why i asked for this. I was sitting at our kitchen table looking out of one of the 6 glorious windows we have in there and could see the sun rise- glory. What was surprising though while i sat and watched a small lil humming bird flew up to a flower bush (dont' know what it is) out side one of the windows then on to a rose bush further away- glory.
Time seemed to stop as i noticed it, the small wings, the long beak and him just hovering by the plants. INCREDIBLE!! Thanks dad please please let me see more.
He reminds me over and over again in the small things how BIG he is. How everyday He is communicating its just am i paying attention! Pray that we all take in every drop of today and see Him in it all!
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