Sunday, August 22, 2010

Starting anew

Kimmel starts teaching tomorrow. His very own class of middle schoolers. Math is the subject and excitement his is energy. Friday night i went with him to set up the small amount of posters and things he has. The teacher who had the old room had not finished talking all her stuff yet. I offered to box it all up but he wouldn't let me. :)

After i had done all i could do for him...i began to play with my camera...taking pictures of the room and anything i could find. One of the things he keeps in his office, along with a picture of us and calendar, is a chess set. His sister Paige gave it to him years ago when she went to vietnam. It is special to him, and made for a great subject of my picture taking practicing obsession. See picture below, this is one of several angels and shots. These sweet asian men were very accommodating :)

If you think about it please say a prayer for him today and this week as he starts a new position. I pray that his room would be a safe place for students, that they would come to hangout just cause there is something different about Kimmel. Giving him God opportunities throughout the year!
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