Wednesday, August 18, 2010

you're gonna have to check that

Last night i went with some friends to see Jack Johnson in Dallas!! We purchased these tickets the day they opened...i believe our friends got them on PRESALE!!! :) I have been waiting for this fun night for a while and was super excited! Figured out monday morning night that Kimmel wasn't going to be able to join us due to football practice that didn't get out til 7ish. So i bummed a ride with my friends and we headed to dallas to eat and see the show.

We don't go to dallas really at all, we prefer fort worth downtown, so it was nice to do something different. We ate at this great restaurant/bar place called Angry Dog. We got burgers, and chicken sandwich that was DELICIOUS! The crew i was with were not get there super early so you don't miss anything even the crummy opening band people, so we arrived late in my book :). Our seats were awesome, but i couldn't take in my camera! They guy peered into my purse and said ma'am you're gonna have to check that. At first i thought ok sure, i'll "CHECK" that in....and just walk on by but NOT take pictures...but he escorted me to the security place, the lady gave me a claim ticket and asked my name....said come back with that ticket and you can get it back. I was like cool this is a legit place, i mean really! By 11:20 i was getting a lil nervous and was ready to head over there and just hold my expensive to us new toy! After Jack finished i went back to the security place and on a table in there were like 10 cameras. Some with a case and some like mine without. They didn't ask for id, or anything just the card and said what is your name, sign here. I was like oh wow i am so glad nothing happened cause that is a lil shady! Alas I have no pictures :(

Back to Jack! He started right after 9 and went til 11:50!! He went from song to song, it was like i picked the play list and he just played it! He talked a few times. My favorite part was the encore, he came back and started with 'do you remember' which is a sweet song about him and his wife, and he updated said the year they met...and now they have been together for 17 years! Its awesome to see a pop person celebrate that and hold it as important! I know i don't know him but he rocks and i would love to be his friend!

if you don't know him i suggest you itunes it and find out the amazing smooth, calm person of Jack Johnson and his Music!!!
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