Thursday, September 23, 2010

always giggle

Since my sister's wedding when i was in 10th grade i have been in a total 13 weddings, none my own. At one point mom told me i needed to stop saying yes! I actually used two of the dresses twice believe it or not! :) It was a privilege to have girls in my wedding knowing that they trusted and loved me long time ago to be in their wedding and were willing and happy to come be in mine.

This fall i have the honor of being in my best friend since 1st grades wedding-Amber, and Andrew's best friend's Kyle- we are both in that one! It is exciting to watch the stories unfold and share in their special day. I was at a shower for Maddie and Kyle's wedding this past weekend and i snapped a picture of this lil centerpiece the hostess had made. I thought it was really sweet and i had to share!

One of the annoying thing about 'cute' couples is when they giggle. But its only annoying when you aren't that couple, minus public displace of giggling and such i find that awkward no matter who you are. haha but this quote is cute and i like it giggle today with your love and share a moment just between you two that causes others to shake their heads :)

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