Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Duety my friend

Reading thru Dueteronomy for my personal worship time this month. Sounds exciting eh? To simply put, Moses is retelling all the things the Israelites need to do to stay right with God. The rules and festivals, the sacrifices and restrictions. These are the things the Israelites based their lives on.
I noticed today that Moses says after talking about a disobedience, or doing evil in the sight of the LORD, it says "You must purge the evil from among you". Meaning get rid of that person. Don't let that one spoil the whole lot of you. One time this quote is followed by the famous "eye for an eye" passage people like to quote when defending the death penalty. It makes me thankful for Jesus and the grace he brought. That he nor others can spite me when i do evil in the eyes of the lord!
It caused me to pause and think...this is how i need to feel when a thought, or reaction comes to mind our out of my mouth that isn't pleasing to the Lord. PURGE THE EVIL FROM AMONG YOU!!! Like in the voice of Gandalf the Grey!! When you see that huge evil looking you in the eyes, you can say with the confidence of Jesus Christ...BE GONE!!! And it will be gone!

That is what i am learning from Duetoronomy!
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